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Looking for a First-Class Salesforce Consultant Company?


Our Salesforce Consulting Services can take your business to a whole new level. We desing, build, and manage Salesforce solutions to support…

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We provide you with a variety of services to help improve your business and make it the best it can be.

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All our Salesforce training programs are designed to address the specific need that each of our customers have based on their business processes…

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Leveraging deep expertise in a variety of industries, we collaborate with our customers in enabling them to achieve business transformation.

Listen & Plan

We don’t listen to respond, we listen to understand. Document the business solution with the right specification

Develop & Build

Configure, develop, integrate & customize your Salesforce solution.

Test & QA

Rigorous testing in several phases before and after deployment to assure desired quality.

Train & Rollout

Custom made training for each customer, because solution without trained users is not a solution but more of a problem.

Help & Support

Support during and after the deployment / Go live


Every solution need continues tracking, maintenance and adaptation from time to time, don’t you worry, we got you covered on this one too.

We are Salesforce Partner, the first from Serbia and Nigeria


Increase in Sales


Higher Customer Satisfaction


Increase Productivity


Higher ROI

kameleon blog

  • Kameleon Solutions won the Salesforce partner award!

    We are proud to announce that we are one of the sub-Saharan Salesforce Partner Award winners for FY22, making us the first and the only Salesforce-awarded company in the Adriatic region.

  • How to boost sales with inbound method?

    If you work in marketing, and especially in sales, you’ve probably heard countless times how important it is to generate as many leads as possible. In its simplest form, a lead is contact with a potential customer who is being steered towards the sales process. Thus, lead generation refers to a process of attracting the interest of potential customers in order to boost future sales.

  • Salesforce: the company everybody’s heard of, but nobody knows what they actually do

    Imagine that you own a company which has operated for 20 years, you’re in the top 10 B2B brands in the world, worth over $130 billion and people still have no idea what you do. It would get you down, wouldn’t it?

  • The future of sales: Do you know what customers want?

    In the rapidly-developing, hyper-connected and data-driven world, companies are under considerable pressure to adapt to the new market dynamics. Although Western Europe and the USA are going through big changes, nowhere is that technological revolution more prominent than in Asia – the home to many fastest-growing economies in the world. Innovations in e-commerce, online payments and communications gave rise to new business models and shifts in consumer behavior both in China and worldwide. You don’t believe it? A case in point is November 11 (Singles’ Day). Until only a few years ago, it was a local Chinese holiday famous for its shopping festivals. Today it’s a global phenomenon which generates high revenue from online sales.



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