Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud features allow for customization at every client touch point. Kameleon Solutions can help you design a customized journey for each of your customers.

Marketing Cloud + Pardot provides a suite of powerful tools that put your marketing and sales tasks on autopilot. Tracking campaign performance shows you which programs are working, and how your marketing and sales teams are contributing to success.

Customer Segmentation

Identify the most trustworthy account and contact information available to your organization and review segment performance changes and proactively redefine segments.

Marketing Messaging

Create customer and/or account messaging. Identify response trends and performance to better refine and proactively improve messaging by segment.

According to the 2016 Voice of the Customer survey by Confirmit, marketing ROI can increase by 23% with Salesforce.

Lead Generation

Uncover specific revenue potential and help identify all of your campaign delivery options available to your organization based on information availability and prospect accessibility.

Lead Qualification

Score or evaluate each lead or lead list with the best available metrics and distribute accordingly and learn from results and feedback of the go-to-market function.

With Marketing Cloud & Pardot You Can:

  • Use your Salesforce customer data to reach new prospects and existing customers, re-engage inactive customers, and connect your digital advertising with the rest of your marketing.
  • Connect every channel and every function of your business to deliver personalized customer experiences and identify the moment to take action.
  • Build, send, track, and automate personalized email from basic newsletters to complex campaigns.
  • Create landing pages for your campaigns and events, track visitor behavior, deliver personalized content, and trigger emails in real time.
  • Engage with SMS marketing, push notifications, and group messaging.
  • Deliver fraud alerts, shipping confirmations, and location-based offers help you stay in touch with your customers.
  • Integrate automated social workflows with marketing, sales, and service on a single platform.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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