Community Cloud

Kameleon Solutions can build a branded self-service online community for your customers that gives quick access to answers with AI-powered content recommendations.

Community Cloud provides a place for customers to get the help and answers they need without any interaction with an agent.

Build Your Community

Customize your community to fit your needs. Customers can create and escalate support cases. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. Employees can access and share files.

Empower Your Employees

Drive employee productivity and engagement with internal, branded communities. Foster an innovative workplace where anyone, anywhere, can contribute ideas.

According to, Community Cloud can increase customer satisfaction by 45%.

Grow Partner Sales

Accelerate your sales channels by connecting directly with resellers, distributors, and partners. Avoid channel conflict with deal registration and lead distribution.

Connect Your Customers

Deliver your service with powerful, easy-to-build portals/communities that provide rich; self-service experiences that help agents work smarter, with easy access to the collective wisdom of the community.

Community Cloud can help you to:

  • Open a portal for customers to one branded destination where they can pay bills, file claims, and make appointments.
  • Keep your community members engaged with Q&As, groups, and customer MVPs.
  • Select content to deliver a personalized feed and experience.
  • Create groups for teams, events, new accounts or campaigns, and share files across your organization.
  • Recognize active community members with customizable ranks, scoring systems and badges.
  • Automatically collect the most up-to-date content from community discussions.

Salesforce Community Cloud Video

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