Sales and Customer Support implementation

SV Gaming Limited / Betking
April 2019 -
Consulting, Implementation, Custom Development, Maintenance

About client

BetKing is a sports betting company in Lagos, offering online services nationwide and agency services in Nigeria. Among the offerings of the company’s services are sports betting, not restricted to football, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball and more, customized state-of-the-art virtual games including the exclusive Kings’ League and Colour-Colour.

BetKing also offers agency opportunities for individuals who will come to be called Kingmakers once they sign up to deliver offline betting services to customers.

BetKing is a product of SV Gaming Limited and the birth of the brand was initiated by evolution in strategy and the objective to offer more value to customers.

BetKing is the fast-growing betting company in Africa with more than 15.000 shops all around Nigeria, with very ambitioned plans for further grown.

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The biggest challenge during this journey was the speed of business growth with a lot of new employees, so in such a situation processes are always under revision and things are constantly changing. The business was always adjusted to the market needs in order to provide flexibility and options for opening such a big number of shops in a quite short period.

In such a condition it’s very important to have stable management with vision, mission, and strategy for the future period. Unconditional management help and support was the main item in order to build a project, implementation and training plan. Management with their expertise and knowledge from different domains was there in order to support the entire structure with the right guidance, to help them out in preparation and flow shaping process, taking into consideration future plans and strategies.

Salesforce consultants from our end helped out with the best practices, industry standards, and Salesforce product expertise in order to provide a roadmap throughout the discovery process and help Process Owners and Project Manager to align their needs with the solution for both Commercial and Customer Experience.


In order to align business needs specified in the user stories with Salesforce solution and platform capabilities, few approaches, and Salesforce Solutions was used.

  • Preparation with the discovery sessions where Salesforce BA and Salesforce consultants already applied some concepts during the user story shaping process with the client.
  • Very friendly atmosphere with a lot of understanding from both sides and compromise in order to resolve all gaps.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud – as a based product for arranging Commercial part of business, offered solutions for the following:
    • New shops application capturing process with Lead Management
    • The onboarding process for new shops with Opportunity
    • Recording Shop details in the Accounts
    • Recording Online Players details in the Person Accounts
    • Salesforce Mobile App for users (Account Managers) on the field for inspection, location capturing, easy access to shop data.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud – as a based product for arranging the Customer Experience department, with the following items:
    • Case Management for treating all inquiries, requests, and complaints from customers
    • Live Chat – integrated on the public website
    • Omni Channels for managing Customer Service workforce and different communication channels.
    • WhatsApp, SMS, and Phone integration
    • Shop Portals (Self-Service)
    • Knowledge Management
    • Field Service for field management within shops
  • Social Studio as a part of the Marketing Cloud for managing Betking social networks.
  • Two ways API Integration with BackOffice system


From the business perspective some of the main goals are already achieved with the Salesforce system in place:

  • All applications coming from potential shops via website form (that wants to become a part of Betking network) are treated without exception and followed up with predefined procedures and path.
  • Account Managers on the field have access to Salesforce Mobile App where they can track all tasks, events, shops, cases, locations, routes, etc.
  • Communication has been centralized inside the system, a lot of auto emails and notifications going to both internal users, shops and customers (online players).
  • All communication channels for customer support are under the same umbrella (omnichannel) and their managing is a way easier than before.
  • All necessary business data, like transactions, payments, balances, KPIs are exchanging between Salesforce and BackOffice system. So users inside customer support and commercial teams have all information as a 360 customer degree on one click away.
  • Average time for case resolution is double less than before the Salesforce
  • Internal communication between different teams and departments has been increased and everything is recorded inside the system and can be attached to specific records.
  • Reports and Dashboards are able to show all valuable data from business and have a clear and complete picture of the current situation – which speeds up decision making and management operations.


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud (with Knowledge)
  • Social Studio
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Lighning Platform for custom development
  • Integration with REST API and Platform Events
  • Threed party apps from AppExchange
    • For Duplicate Management and Data Cleansing
    • For SMS integration
    • For Phone integration

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