Kameleon Solutions to become the first and only MuleSoft partner in the region

With great pleasure, we announce that Kameleon Solutions will become the FIRST and ONLY MuleSoft partner for the Adriatic region. MuleSoft is one of the world’s best platforms for building application networks that connect business applications, data, and devices, whether they are hosted in the cloud or on internal company servers.

As you already know, Kameleon Solutions is the region’s first and most awarded Salesforce partner, so this partnership with the MuleSoft platform was a logical next step for us.

The importance of data integration for digital transformation

During the extended digital transformation process, companies almost always face the challenge of merging data that are usually scattered in different databases (internal systems and servers, cloud applications, and personal devices). MuleSoft enables companies to overcome this problem by integrating all that information and placing it in a new master database. Decision makers now get a precise and detailed overview of all data to make better, wiser, and faster decisions based on new insights to provide the best possible user experience.

Salesforce and MuleSoft

Unsurprisingly, in 2018, the world’s best CRM company, Salesforce, bought MuleSoft and integrated this platform into its solutions. This acquisition allowed Salesforce to incorporate its functionality into any existing business system. MuleSoft is now part of the Salesforce Integration Cloud, and the most significant benefit for companies is that, thanks to data integration, they can create personalized 1:1 customer journeys.

In addition to Salesforce, Mulesoft is a partner for data integration from SAP and AWS (Amazon Web Services) platforms.

Marketing automation for small businesses

It is a misconception that automation is only used in large companies with large budgets. Automation can be an excellent solution for small businesses and perform all those tasks for which smaller organizations do not have enough human resources. That’s why new types of marketing automation software are available today that are tailored to the specific needs of small businesses and have the potential to help grow a business—and within a budget.

Some of the reasons for a small business to consider using marketing automation in their day-to-day operations are:

  • Attracting and nurturing leads. Attracting potential customers begins with developing a quality online automation platform. It helps to improve all aspects of online performance, like creating an optimized landing page, questionnaires, and forms or analyzing content and results to find those that bring the most leads. Also, a good platform can dynamically guide potential customers through the right content based on their interests and activity!
  • Eliminating guesswork. Let the results tell you which message gets the best results and how often users actually open and read your emails. You automatically get all the results and reports when you create campaigns using the automation platform.
  • Quick response to inquiries. According to the Harvard Business Review, the chances of someone buying something from you are seven times higher if you answer their question within an hour. Why should your potential customers wait for a response if an automation platform can answer queries?

These presented benefits are only a tiny part of what automation can do for small businesses. The most important thing is that a well-implemented platform significantly improves the work and productivity of marketing and sales teams, thereby contributing to better results. With a good strategy, the results will be like those of big companies – but at a much lower cost.

Summary: Automation improves small business operations in different areas, such as online presence, lead acquisition and nurturing, analytics, customer communication, and next-step planning.

MuleSoft solutions

Kameleon Solution, as a MuleSoft partner, will offer its clients the following solutions:

  • API Management
  • System and data integration
  • Automation of processes and tasks for all teams within the company
  • Salesforce integration
  • SAP integration
  • AWS (Amazon) integration

MuleSoft, as a platform, also provides tools for automating all processes within the company.

These strategies include integrating data and systems, automating work processes, and creating better digital experiences for your users — all on one platform. With the MuleSoft platform, the IT team creates specific, dedicated digital solutions that different teams within the company can use as needed, thereby increasing their efficiency and productivity.

You can contact us via the Contact page if you have additional questions about digital business transformation and data integration.

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