Kameleon Solutions and SuperSportBET: The third iGaming company in the portfolio

Kameleon Solutions, a leader in the implementation of Salesforce solutions in the Adriatic region, sub-Saharan Africa and Saudi Arabia, has expanded its portfolio in the online gaming industry. It is with great pleasure that we announce the news that we have started cooperation with the company SuperSport in the work on their new project SuperSportBET. It is a brand new gaming platform that aims to revolutionize the iGaming industry in South Africa.

Years of expertise crowned with a third client from the iGaming industry

Kameleon Solutions has rich experience in working with companies from over 15 industries, and one of the biggest advantages of Salesforce solutions is that they are adaptable to the requirements of different markets. We cooperated with our first iGaming client back in 2019. Since then, we have been building serious expertise in this area, and in 2023 we officially started cooperation with the third iGaming client.

Navigating the challenges of iGaming

Several key items make this type of business challenging and specific. First, it is a regulated industry which means that the business must comply with local laws. Second, large amounts of personal and sensitive data are generated daily in online games of chance, and money transactions are also carried out, which requires additional precautions and system security. Finally, this is an industry where customer support work is extremely important, as the platform is used by millions of users on a weekly basis. That is why it is almost impossible to have a serious iGaming business without a CRM and unique user profiles.

Impressive results from our very first project

Reflecting on our initial project with BetKing, a prominent Nigerian iGaming company, conducted between 2018 and 2019, we successfully implemented Salesforce solutions for sales and customer support teams. The investment paid off remarkably for the client within just ten months. Key challenges addressed included scaling a rapidly growing business, streamlining information about players, managing business expansion requests, improving ticket handling, and enhancing the call center’s accessibility to customer touchpoints.

The outcomes were outstanding. In addition to the rapid return on investment, our solutions addressed various aspects, such as handling all applications uniformly, providing field Account Managers with mobile access to critical information, centralizing communication within the system, and consolidating customer support channels under an omnichannel umbrella. Furthermore, the exchange of essential business data between Salesforce and the BackOffice system streamlined operations, resulting in a 360-degree customer view. The Salesforce implementation halved the average time for ticket resolution, enhanced internal communication, and facilitated comprehensive reporting through dynamic dashboards.

Executing such an extensive and demanding project required the combined strengths of Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, and Kameleon Solutions, a licensed Salesforce partner. Together, we successfully navigated and conquered the challenges inherent in the iGaming industry.

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