Kameleon Hikers: How and Why We Started Hiking for Non-Profit and Charity

In short, we wanted to do something good for ourselves and others. And we succeeded!

Starting on May 1, 2024, a significant portion of the Kameleon Solutions team—across all our offices—joined a challenge called Kameleon Hikers. What began as an internal competition to track daily steps quickly evolved into a charitable initiative, thanks to one of our colleagues.

We are pleased to announce that at the end of the year, we will donate money to charity in an amount, in dinars, equal to the total sum of the average number of steps taken monthly! This additional motivation encourages all participants to cover as many steps as possible every day.

Why Did We Decide to Hike?

Our office work often involves long periods of sitting and extended hours in front of computers. With the arrival of spring and better weather, we realized how much we missed physical activity. Inspired by our wonderful colleague Maja, we initiated a small internal challenge—a competition to track the number of steps taken, with prizes for the top performers.

How Does the Competition Work?

The competition is transparent and taken very seriously—we even have a leaderboard! Each participant tracks their daily steps and reports them to the challenge leaders. The ranking table is public, allowing participants to see their standing and motivate themselves to improve their performance.

At the end of 2024, Kameleon Solutions will award prizes to the contestants who completed the most steps throughout the challenge. Additionally, each month, we record the average number of steps taken per person per day, convert that number into dinars, and – at the end of the year – we will donate the total sum of these monthly averages to charity. This way, every step we take not only benefits our health but also contributes to the well-being of those in need.

Step by Step - For Ourselves and Others!

At the end of the year, we will announce the total donation amount as well as the winners of the challenge. We hope you like this idea as much as we do!

Let’s go for a walk!

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